At the Anoka Ramsey Community College Library

  My Learning Epiphany 

I will say that my learning epiphany began from childhood, when my mother impressed upon me and my siblings to take education seriously. In fact, she was the mother that will spank you to get you to pay attention to education or learn your academic work after school hours.

That has had a lasting impression upon me. And, one of the statements she used to make was that she was denied a chance to go to school, therefore, her children have to go, even if she has to sell her prized items. And, I saw her sold her gold jewelry to support my father with our education.

The outcome is that I have taken education as a part of my life. I believe that a person needs to have formal education, regardless of whether the person is rich or not. And, I also soon realized that people can take your clothes off your back, but they cannot take the knowledge that you have acquired from you because it is in your head. Even, when people steal your idea, you can still come up with new ideas, because, the original idea belongs to you, and what someone might have taken is only a small portion, and not the source of the information.

My father, who had little education, because he did not go beyond high school, was also responsible. He always supported my mother to make sure that we had formal education. And, really, I am the last to graduate from college. All my siblings had four year college education. So, it is a great achievement for me to be in my final year. In a nutshell, it took me 20 years to graduate from college, but I am very glad that I am graduating. Although both of my parents have passed away, I think that they would be happy that I finally completed my education.